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Panerai Ferrari Replica
The very first Panerai Ferrari Replica Skull watch was introduced in 2009. This aviator's timepiece honored legendary parachutists of the Second World War whose logo was a skull with "Death from Above" written inside. The latest evolution of the range uses this same DNA and it is even tattooed directly into the case.

Panerai Ferrari Replica is housed in a recognizable square-shaped,Panerai Ferrari Replica micro-blasted stainless steel case with tattoo-style engraving on the bezel, as well as the sides and the case back. In other words, the entire watch case is engraved and encrusted in the style of a tattoo. The engravings are filled manually with black lacquer for optimal contrast. The case is fired several times in an oven to fix the lacquer. This process is quite long and painstaking and it takes several hours to finish each case. The robust case measures 46mm in diameter and it is constructed to resist water pressure up to 100 meters (approximately 330 feet).

As you can see on these images, the Panerai Ferrari Replica features the dial that has been rendered in remarkable three-dimensional detail in full relief. Furthermore,rolex cellini replica watches a black Superluminova covers the dial, thus accentuating the skull and amplifying its defiant stare.

If you look closer, next to the screws on its bezel, at the 4 edges of the case, there are small motifs engraved: a heart, a rose, a scythe and an hourglass. Each of them once again pays homage to the world of tattoo.

The new Panerai Ferrari Replica is powered by the ETA-based automatic movement which provides hours and minutes.

The latest Skull timepiece from Panerai Ferrari Replica is mounted on a brown alligator leather strap. There is also an additional ultra-resistant black synthetic strap. The watch is issued in the limited series of 500 specimens.